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HID Flashlight | Search Flashlight Lifetime LED Lights

  • $ 23900

HID Flashlight, or Search Flashlight as some refer to this light is a must for any home, vehicle and work area.

High Intensity discharge lamps or (HID lamps) produce light from an electrical arc in the electrodes that are inside a fused quartz, transparent arc tube.
This HID flashlight makes the best search flashlight because the HID produces an increased intensity in the light from the arc and this reduces the power consumption of your HID Flashlight.
The only time you use a flashlight is when you really need to have the best light source in a darkened area.  This is the least convenient time to find out that youve put your faith in a flashlight that loses power or fades during your use.
You can find an HID flashlight in several watt options, we have done the research and determined that this 50 Watt HID Flashlight is best suited for most any needs, big or small.
Weve also taken the worry out of buying this HID Search Flashlight, it comes with our Lifetime Warranty so you can rest easy.
Our HID Flashlight is the best choice when youre looking for HID & Search Flashlight products. Light Lifetime Warranty on any malfunction battery included
Here are a few of the features that make this HID Flashlight the best Search Flashlight on the market:
You can see by the images that this HID Flashlight comes in an attractive case to keep it secure until you need to use it. 
  • The 6600mah battery is rechargeable
  • You get an beam pattern thats adjustable
  • This HID Flashlight has a 6000k color temperature
  • 50 watt / 38 watt HID
  • Full power mode for your the search flashlight is 4500 lumens
  • Has a 6063-T6 aluminum body
  • The body is a Hard Anodizing Black
  • The UCL lens is standard with this HID Flashlight
  • You can expect a battery life of 2.5 hours on full mode and a whopping 7 Hours of battery life in low mode
  • Give your new search flashlight 6 to 8 hours to fully charge
  • This search flashlight has 2 modes, high and low

This HID Flashlight will include the Battery, 12 Volt Charger, HID Flashlight, Amber lens cover and the case