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H4 70 Watt LED Motorcycle Lights Lifetime LED Lights

  • $ 12500

70 Watt LED Motorcycle Lights, your Motorcycle Headlight is next generation LED technology.  This LED Motorcycle headlight is brighter and better controlled than all previous models.

With the CREE LEDs that produce a low beam of 3200 LM and a 3600 LM high beam youre getting a much brighter headlight than the HID headlights that are on the market.

Unlike the the HID headlights, you wont need to run any harness to power your new LED Motorcycle lights.

This Motorcycle Headlight comes with the error cancelling harness for all CANBUS systems.

Here are some features of your New Motorcycle Headlight

  • This is a single headlight
  • This motorcycle headlight should not be used with DRL - Daytime Running Lights
  • You directly plug this LED headlight into your bikes wiring
  • The CREE chip in this headlight is a Custom Chip
  • This is a 70 Watt LED Motorcycle Light
  • Voltage on your new LED headlight is: DC12V-DC24V
  • Lumens: 3200LM 3600LM
  • Expect to get a Life-Span of more than 30000 hours with this LED
  • Color Temp for this LED is.: 6500K
  • Construction: Copper and Aluminum
  • Cooling: Aluminum heat sink with fan
  • These 70 Watt LED Motorcycle lights are Energy Star and DOT compliant
  • You getting 80% energy savings over halogen bulb