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H13 High/Low LED Headlight Lifetime LED Lights

  • $ 14900

High Beam Headlights / Low Beam Headlights - LED Headlights for your vehicle.  The H13 High / Low Beam Headlights are sold and priced as a pair. 

These High / Low beam headlights carry a lifetime warranty so you can buy with confidence knowing your new LED Headlights are built to last.
More information about your H13 High Beam Headlights - Low Beam Headlights
  • You already know the price you see is for the pair
  • Youll be happy to know you dont need a relay harness on the H13, all you do is plug directly into the factory socket (Makes replacement a breeze)
  • The low beam power output is 22 watts and the high beam input is 30 watt
  • DC10V-DC32V Voltage
  • Low Beam Headlight Lumens is 2000LM and 2600LM for High Beam Headlights
  • You can expect to get more than 30,000 hours of life from these LED Headlights
  • 5,000 Color Temp
  • These LED Headlights are constructed from Die cast aluminum
  • Cooling for these High / Low beams are from an integrated fan
  • Best just got better! These headlights are DOT compliant and Energy Star Compliant
  • Your new LED headlights save 80% on energy over the halogen bulbs.