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Anti Flicker Harness H13RH Lifetime LED Lights

  • $ 2000

Anti flicker harness for your resister harness, anti flicker harness plug in resistor harness.

Lifetime LED Lights brings you the H13RH Anti-Flicker resister harness with a lifetime warranty.

The H13 Anti Flicker Harness is needed with the H13 LED bulbs on your Dodge Ram in order to function properly. 

Jeep owners know that there are inherent issues with the headlights.  You may have seen a few parts that have been created to help with the problems.  Most Jeep owners are turning to LED replacements for their Jeep Headlights and while the aftermarket products are available, you still have that slight flicker, you know the flicker were talking about, you see it while your driving and it can be worrisome as well as dangerous to others.

The anti flicker harness will take care of that flicker.  The Jeeps CanBus system may be flawed with this problem but you wont have to live with it.  Anti Flicker Harness the best solution for your flickering issues.

The casing for your harness is waterproof so no need to stop playing in the mud with the H13RH Anti flicker harness doing its job.

A few more features of your new H13RH Anti Flicker Harness:

  • You just plug and play with this resister harness. You have no extra wires to run.
  • The H13RH Anti flicker harness will eliminate the CANBUS light out issues you may experience
  • The H13RH is sold in pairs
  • This anti flicker harness metal resistor needs to be mounted to metal.  This can get very hot and wires can melt if they are touching each other.
  • The resistor is on Low and Hi beam